Saturday, May 11, 2013



So, I mentioned that my friend Sarah and I started doing the Couch to 5k program a while back. I just wanted to update you and tell you that we are still at it! The program seems to be working. I have never felt like passing out or as though my lungs were bleeding. So, win-win.

It's funny, the first time we met up just for a walk during late winter I tried to put on my running shoes only to discover that maternity had gifted me with larger feet. So I wore jeans (all of my stretchy pants had gotten a little loose from maternity wear as well) and snow boots. Fast forward a few months and I am all geared up. Not that running takes much financial investment, but a few key elements sure help. I have running shoes, pants, sports bra, a thing to hold my iphone (with C25K app) on my arm, a baseball cap.

I am starting to feel the part and I am enjoying the progress that Sarah and I are making. Plus there is the built in bonus of friend time!

Our first 5k is probably in August and then another in September. I am really excited as it finally feels do-able!

Do you have a workout buddy?


Mom said...

You are certainly looking fit and beautiful as well!

No, I don't have a workout buddy but I did have a friend mention it to me. You just inspired me to say "yes" to her suggestion.

Sarah Purdy said...

We're such hot runner chicks!

Anonymous said...

No, no workout buddy, and it's kind of very difficult to do an exercise with regularity when you don't have one. (I say this as I sit on my butt reading and writing all day long!)

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