Monday, May 6, 2013


Weekends are fantastic this time of year. The weather is generally good. We are all just thrilled to get out of the winter lock-down. Wyoming winters don't really allow for tons of outside fun when you have little ones, the wind will actually knock over a young child. While this is funny once or twice it does get old pretty fast. So, now that the winds are abating and the hard clawed trees are being velveted by soft new growth we are ready to embrace the great outdoors once again.

Eric took Cordelia out for a little practice on her trike. She was mostly just excited to wear her new helmet. Eric told me that she stopped, picked some dandelions, and then told him she needed a little alone time as she stuffed the dandelions into the trunk of her trike. Silly girl.

Cordelia on bike


Elise and I hung out inside for a little while, letting Eric and Cordelia get some father/daughter time all on their own. We enjoyed  a little snuggling/playing, before eventually joining the outdoor fun.



(Check out Cordelia in the same dress, thank you hand-me downs)

How was your weekend?


Anne Marie said...

Glad your family got to enjoy the outdoors! We were outside nearly all weekend, and I am sooooo thankful for that time in the sunshine.

Pam Brewer said...

My grandson, Parker, is forever stopping his trike to pick up treasures for his trunk! I don't remember trike trunks when my children were that age.

Mom said...

I didn't realize how much longer Elise's hair is, at this age, than was Cordelia's. Both beautiful!

Sarah Purdy said...

Yeah for warm Spring weekends! It sure flew by quickly.

Kate said...

Both my kids have nutcase helmets, and I'm 30% sure half the joy of bikes, trikes, and scooters is the helmets. SONshine insisted on a black helmet with a British flag sticker. Never mind that they make a union jack helmet, no that wasn't in his vision. Should union jack be capitalized? Union Jack? Huh.

AKM said...

Love seeing both of your beauties in the same dress! Too cute!

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