Saturday, June 15, 2013


We have a full dance card today. FOR REALZ.
On the docket for the day
7-9:30 breakfast, grooming, cleaning
9:30-10:30 I give an art lesson
10:30-1:30 Eric's band doing a benefit concert
1:30-3:30 nap time and lunch
4-6 gallery event
6:30-12:30 fashion show. The girls and I are in the show and then we'll head home so they can go to bed. Eric is the event photographer. We also donated art to the fundraiser. Phew

What are you up to?

Eww speedo tune up
Photo entirely unrelated...Speedo Tune Up?


Michelle said...

Your Grandma Grace once declared (in the context, I believe, of warnings about marrying so young considering the trials of life), "We're young and we can stand it." The quote might not be exact, but it became a byword in the family. All I can say about your schedule today is--it's a good thing you are young and can stand it!

Mom said...

River walk, breakfast out, grocery shopping, yard work, laundry, go to hear Eric's band, shower and groom (I know...kind of late), attend a wedding and dinner, prepare picnic for tomorrow, iron, crash

Court Dan said...

We went to a splash pad! It was my first time being outside in forever as my asthma from allergies has been knocking me on my rear for months now. Happy father's day to Eric!

Stacy said...

Hope it all went wonderfully!!!

Here, I spent the morning at a flea market (got a bench munched on by a goat - best thing ever!), had lunch with a friend, primed some chairs for painting, cleaned the kitchen, put up some pictures, took Rosy for a long walk, changed the bed and talked to my mom.

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