Saturday, June 29, 2013


Yesterday marked the beginning of Nicfest, an annual art bloc party that send this town into a frenzy. The art museum where Eric curates is the host of this event which lasts for the weekend.

We went to the opening festivities last night. Elise was in fine form (moaning and crying) and people gave me either a) sympathetic nods or b) annoyed looks. I started to get frustrated and decided to just walk about a block from the party to a law office that also has an enormous and beautiful garden. I stood there, next to the garden, my two ladies were silent. We let the breeze blow rose scented air over us and all was well!

The rest of the night was tiring but good. We socialzed. Cordelia played. There was a puppy AND there were balloon animals.

Oh and the bonus was that I got to spot some newscasters!


More on Nicfest in the days to come!


Court Dan said...

I hate the 'annoyed' looks. I give them my best mean face when I get them.

Kate said...

You know what would be lovely? A tutorial for Flickr. I know, I know, it's simple. I have a flickr pro account, and i can't get my pictures to load to my blog. (And yes, my blog is private, but it still matters, right?) You seem to have mastered the art of Flickr + Blogger, so any time you wanna divulge your secrets, I'm listening!

Also, on a less selfish note, your night sounds dreamy.

Maria Rose said...

Kate. I will email you and we shall see if we can solve the problem!

Sarah Purdy said...

Newscasters! Gahh!!! Sorry we missed so much of the festivities. My schweaty knees are not sad though.

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