Friday, June 21, 2013

Note to Self on Cordelia

Dear Maria,

Please don't forget what Cordelia is like at three years and nine months. Don't forget that sweet smile, the endless hugs. Don't forget the , "Um mommy......I love you."

You must remember how often people ask how long it takes you to curl her hair and how you proudly run your fingers through those curly golden locks (only sometimes do they get stuck in crazy tangles) and say, "She has natural curls."

Remember how often she tells you that she is filled with love.

Never forget how friendly she is and greets people with love and a giving heart. How she assumes that every kid she meets is a new friend.

Remind yourself of how much this little girl wants to help. How often she spills or makes a huge mess as she continues to learn how to manage her little body.

Don't forget the questions that seem to never end. The why and what for questions that make you wonder just what it is that you believe and know to be true.

Hold on to those times when you watch her running on her tip toes through the grass.

Remember how there is endlessly food crusted onto the corners of her mouth, even just after you wiped her down.


Recall how she loves to paint on the back patio, making one brush stroke at a time before dancing away, singing and squealing. How she says she is just doing her job as an artist.


Remember how she still wants to snuggle and how her little body fits perfectly in your arms. How you both know how to fit together as mother and daughter.


Just please remember. I will be really upset if you forget.

Love, Maria


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post, in my mom's retirement home and the countless nursing homes there are mothers who do "forget" but it's not on purpose.
It's so sad to watch the daughter's dejected facial expressions when the mother asks "Who are you?"
Hope a cure is found soon so that all mothers and daughters will cuddle with a remembrance that will last forever.

Mom said...

You won't forget. I haven't.

Stacy said...

Super sweet. I'm just a bit jealous. She's lucky to have you as a mom!

Sarah Purdy said...

I will remember her incredible empathy, her contagious giggles and her limitless curiosity.

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