Saturday, June 22, 2013

Note to Self on Elise

Dear Maria,

Please don't forget what Elise is like at 11 1/2 months old. Do not forget that sweet little dimple in the center of her left cheek.


Don't forget how happy she is when she wakes up. How she hugs and smiles and sighs for each of us.

Remember the sweet goodbye kisses she gives to her daddy as he leaves for work.

Remember how she snuggles in for a hug and pats you as though to make sure that you are really and truly there with her.


Oh and don't forget how she says, "yum yum yum yum"  every time she eats.

Remember how she raises her right eyebrow when she is feeling mischievous.

Keep fresh the memory of her barking each and every time she hears a dog bark.

Remember that wild hair, the strip of dark on top that is longer than all the rest and the few long patches in the back.


Please, please don't forget what it feels like to hold this little girl in your arms. How your hip has a rough patch on it because you carry her so much.

Never forget the way she says, "ooooooo" when she sees anything new!

Remember how she smells when you kiss the top of her sweet little head.

Recall the lumbering gait of her first steps.

Seriously, you have to remember this little baby. You must because she is almost done being a baby and soon you will lean heavily on those memories.



Michelle said...

Totally adorable photos!

Mom said...

She is such a pretty little thing and oh so very sweet.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to "know" Elise from the belly onward. (Online as much as you show us!)
She is adorable!

Sarah Purdy said...

Beautiful post. I'm a little choked up! Elise is a sweet girl and one of the best huggers I know.

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