Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Andy and Anne

Our good friends Andy and Anne are here from NM. If you've been reading my blog long you may already know the back story. Andy was a friend we met year's ago when we first started college in NM. He briefly dated my roommate and while the roommate has moved on Andy stuck around as a great friend to Eric and I. When he found the lovely Anne we were instantly smitten with her smart and sassy ways. Over the following years Anne has become one of my dearest friends and the rest is history!

Andy is a musician. During the summers he travels and plays children's shows. Thankfully for us, our town is nutzoid for his music (as well they should be) and they book him annually. This week he is putting on nine shows in our town. That's right, nine shows in three days!

While we will be there for several of the shows we are also happy to get to just spend time with Andy and Anne. They are so great with our girls and everything is just so easy and natural. Just as it should be with good friends.

Last night, after Andy was done, we went up to the waterfall.

 Andy and Anne
Cordelia is in love with them. Totally crazy! Elise is too, she's just not in this picture.

Later, while Andy and Eric played tennis, Anne and I took a long evening stroll with the girls (dogs and children). We stopped at the park to play for a bit and then headed home for a nice relaxing evening.

So glad to spend time with old and dear friends!


affectioknit said...

Fun like that with friends like that really can't be beat!

~Have a lovely day!

Emily said...


AKM said...

"Everybody likes pizza..."

Andy should contact Musical Merry-Go-Round at KDHX 88.1 and come to STL for a show!

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