Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Yesterday afternoon, right at the witching hour ( the time before dinner when the kids are hungry and squirrelly) Eric and I decided to drive across town to Menard's and buy a.......wait for it...... DISHWASHER! 

I know that a few years back I wrote about how I was kind of enjoying the hand washing process for dish cleaning. Well, now that our family has grown I realized that I spend no less, but often more, than an hour a day doing dishes. 

While I am doing those dishes the girls are running wild at my feet. Elise bangs empty dog bowls together. Cordelia runs screaming while the dogs chase her like twin comet tails, barking and howling in her wake. In short, it is kinda chaotic.

I often fantasize about what I could be doing instead of dishes. Sitting and staring are currently featured at the top of my daydream list. Oh the luxury of doing nothing! How did I ever take that for granted?! 

Anyway, it was time to get a dishwasher! So we went to Menard's and loaded the girls into the cart. We wheeled back to the appliances and started looking over the options. Prices range from cheap to European getaway expensive. We settled on something that wouldn't break the bank or break down in the near future. 

Eventually the world's most enthusiastic salesman came to assist us. He spoke like a gameshow host. While he didn't necessarily know a ton about the subject at hand he was polite enough to ignore our girls and their spiral into insanity. Cordelia wanted to touch everything and Elise  wanted to go her own way.

When we chose our dishwasher, henceforth known to all as Cecil, I left Eric to take care of the details while I wandered with the girls who were happy to do something different.

We wandered to the garden section where Cordelia inspected each and every type of fountain. We ended with a look at a giant turtle, tagged Giant tranquil turtle for $399 (in case you're interested).

Eric loaded Cecil into the back of The Kraken ( our Sorento) and we headed home. I was giddy! Soon the skin on my hands will be moist and supple again!

Now I am waiting until 9am to call the plumber to install. 



Michelle said...

Congrats! Having lived from the OLDEN DAYS when dishwashers weren't even invented, through there are diswashers but they aren't very good and we can't afford one anyway, to they are getting good but I still can't afford one, to YIPPEE, I Love my dishwasher, I know you will be glad you have it.

Sarah Purdy said...

Yeah! Can't wait to meet the newest member of your family!

Emily said...

Welcome to the family, Cecil! Great name. It was Mike's Grandpa's name, so it must mean that this dishwasher is a genius because he was a very smart man! Woo hoo!!

Kate said...

Lucky woman! Have fun in all that spare time.

Anonymous said...

You will be so happy to have one. I don't have one yet, but I enjoy putting dishes in other people's dishwashers. Are you making your own soap or buying store bought?

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