Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Farmer's Market...Or Whatever

Last night was the first farmer's market of the season. You may wonder why we are starting so late, you people who live in areas with a growing season that starts in March...just hold your tongue. I don't want to hear about your bunches of fresh flowers or the mouth watering cherries and bushels of kale. Let me remind you that Wyoming looked like this exactly three months ago.


Incidentally most plants take about three months for their first harvest. So, with that knowledge in hand, you can imagine that the farmer's market wasn't all that farmer-y. In fact I saw one stand that had actual veggies and those babies were tiny!

So, the farmer's market was more of a crafter's/jam maker's/face painter's market. It was fine. We met up with 3/4 of the Wolfpack and enjoyed a little music as we wrangled four young children who were nearing their bed times.


Elise. Sarah. Me

Cordelia's BFF Sadie had the worst luck with her flower balloon. Her first flower balloon popped on the grass, leaving one petal and a stem. Eric and Cordelia bought her a second balloon which popped in the moment it was in hand, leaving a few petals. So Eric tied Balloon A together with Balloon B and made a hybrid flower. That lasted for about ten minutes until it too popped. She tearfully returned to her mother with the remaining inflated bits of her balloon which Sarah accidentally popped. Sadie cried and the adults laughed until we cried. Poor Sadie and the ill fated balloon!

Eric making the hybrid balloon

Sadie tentatively accepts the hybrid balloon

Cordelia with her balloon

Overall we were there for less than an hour, but memories were made...

newscasters were spotted...
shaky photo is the result of shaky hands from being in close proximity to so many celebs (wink)

and that's all she wrote.

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Sarah Purdy said...

After the meltdowns yesterday (balloon popped, brother stole my sandwich, face painting line's too long, I don't wanna walk, I don't wanna go to bed, I don't wannnaaaa....), Sadie proceeded to sleep 12.5 hours. Amen.

Also, I love that picture of us. Please send me a copy so I can plaster one entire wall of my dining room with it. No, fer reals. Send it to me. I shall draw hearts and flowers all over it. (and maybe a few mustaches.) Just kidding. Let peace prevail!!

Stacy said...

Fun fact about me - I can make (some) balloon animals.

Emily said...

Farmer's Market, Friends and Newscasters? Sweet deal!

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