Thursday, July 18, 2013

First Humble Harvest





While the farmer's market on Tuesday may have been less than fruitful (see what I did there?) we had a little success from our home garden. Yesterday I was able to gather my first harvest! The girls were on hand to help. When I say help I mean Cordelia kind of helped and Elise helped herself to fistfuls of dirt. Most of my garden is still young, but I was able to gather mixed greens and tomatoes! The peas are still tiny, but as this season progresses we will be eating more and more from this garden of ours.

This year we have two raised beds with several different veggies. Additionally we have some container gardening going on with herbs, the biggest tomato plat I've ever grown,  strawberries, and more. Next year we are thinking about making the entire lower portion of our yard (it is two levels) into a big enclosed garden.

What are you growing?


Michelle said...

You have the best documented kids in the world--and I am really glad. We can't see them in person very often, but we get to watch them grow through your blog. Such sweet, lovely, and funny pictures and stories you share with us!

Oh, and my answer to your closing query--flowers!

Maria Rose said...

You are so right. I hope someday they enjoy looking back on their lives and know how very much their mother loves them. That said, I will probably ease up in the awkward

Kate said...

I had a gorgeous garden this year. Organized and huge. It's the garden I've wanted since I became an adult. Then a huge, horrible, (prepare your Wyoming self to scoff), and unexpected frost in June and it was all lost. All. I'm not battling Dr. Frankenstein's weeds so that our fall/winter garden can have a chance. Mostly what I do is pull weeds and chase kids into and out of sprinklers and throw water balloons. That's gardening, right?

Pam Brewer said...

Besides other things, we have the biggest pumpkin patch ever! I sympathize with Kate, only our garden got flooded out. Painful.

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