Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Moon Sand Fail

So I was trolling the internet for stuff to do with the girls. I found a recipe for moon sand (1 part vegetable oil mixed with 4 parts flour) and it seemed like just the thing to keep both girls interested. I mixed it up and put it into a tub. The idea was that I could close it up when they were done and save it for another day. Great idea.

We took it to the back porch because I am so forward thinking (please note my sarcasm) that it seemed like cleanup would be a breeze. WRONG

Almost instantly the girls started pouring it over the porch. Cordelia declared it a beach. I'm cool, I thought to myself, I can go with this. I encouraged her play.

Moon sand

Moon sand

Moon sand

Then I noticed that the dogs were closing in. "What's their deal?" I thought to myself.

Moon sand munch

Oh...they like to eat flour. Duh. They were totally gorging themselves.

Moon sand fail

Moon hounds

I started to envision the milky white puke that would surely coat the interior of our home if I let the moon sand buffet continue. I decided to clean up. Thankfully the girls had moved on.

I know you think the moon sand fail has already happened, but it hasn't, not yet. Instead of sweeping up the moon sand like a genius I sprayed it with the hose. Remember elementary school when you made paste of flour and water. Whoopsie


My back patio was transformed into the world's largest glue pool. The dogs were thankful that I'd made it even easier for them to ingest. Cordelia hopped in the muck. Elise cried.

Half an hour later I had blasted most of the glue onto the lawn where it was watered down enough that it became invisible.

Thankfully there was no dog vomit.

Lesson: Moon sand must be handled with care!


Emily said...

You will look back on this incident and laugh. I promise!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the good laugh (and the adorable pictures of the girls)!

Stacy said...

Hilarious.... glad it cleaned up. And that the dogs like the smorgasbord!

Mom said...

Ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Boy and here I thought those lessons from school were to help us later in life... but we as adults momentarily forget until the results stare at us in the face mocking us... hence the "world's largest glue pool" Ha Ha

Sarah Purdy said...

Yikes! I will certainly learn from your mistakes!

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