Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One Year With Elise

One year ago, almost to the minute Elise was born (read here). She came into this world with an angry wail. She looked pretty beat up from delivery. Her face was scratched and red. Her sweet little nose was smooshed. She was rightfully upset. However, in between the wails of the newly born and the chaos of medical concerns (thankfully nothing major) and visitors, we noticed her dark hair. It was styled just like her daddy. We noticed the little dimple in the center of her cheek, the raspberry kiss of a birthmark that has since faded, the perfect little lips, the long lashes, the expressive eyebrows, her dainty physique, and of those gorgeous little parts that made up our little girl.

Over this past year Eric, Cordelia and I have grown right along with Elise. We all found previously untapped reserves of strength as we all dealt with colic for the first six months. Cordelia learned to share the spot light. She is such a loving big sister. Eric and I learned to let go, just a little. We just watched this baby girl develop into someone amazing. I cannot wait to see her life unfold.

We have watched as Elise has blossomed from a baby who was hurting and angry (thanks again colic) into this vibrant, beautiful,  and happy girl. She is so silly and loving and adventuresome. Elise has never had much interest in being a baby, always watching and taking notes. I cannot properly express what a joy this little lady is. She is determined and strong and so sweet and so so funny. She is eager to learn and to help. She has been such a gift to this family!

What a beautiful year little Elise! Read about months 11, 10, 9,  8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

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Elise 12 months

Elise 12 months 

Over this past month Elise has:
  •  started walking and running like nobody's business. She has it mastered.
  • begun to try to climb. Heaven help us all.
  • continued to develop such a witty sense of humor. She has a real knack for discovering the absurd.
  • gotten up to about 12 words...don't even bother trying to get her to preform. She'll do it in her own time thank you very much.
  • finished off those two teeth and is working on several more.
  • started to push her mini shopping cart around. It's her favorite thing to do. Well, more specifically she likes to push it from room to room as Betty barks and she giggles with delight.
  • begun to follow direction. I can ask her to throw something away or give something to someone. She understands soooo much.
  • decided the bath tub is awful. Awesome.
  • started to engage in play with her sister. Cordelia is so delighted. Most recently they have been playing hunt for the secret code. Mostly Elise just follows Cordelia around as they giggle.
Happy birthday sweet Elise! We love you so very much!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday to your oh so sweet little Elise!

Michelle said...

Aaaaaah. The changes in the first year are so amazing.

elizabeth said...

what a sweet, funny little head. :)

happy birthday to all of you as you celebrate together!

Mom said...

Happy day! We love her, too!

Anonymous said...

A whole year already. I have been with your family (online only) for about 2 years. I have grown to "know" Elise as much as I can through this blog and I grew to like her and her sister. Thanks for all the daily updates as I love reading about your family.

Sarah Purdy said...

Oh my goodness! A year already! Happy birthday sweet, sweet girl!

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