Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quiet Amid the Chaos


Mornings are a little chaotic here. There are showers to take, breakfasts to prepare, people to clothe, dishes to do, beds to be made, there is playing, there is dancing, there is music, Dinosaur Train often figures into the equation as well. Books are read, hair is brushed, blogs are posted. There are snuggles and meltdowns and laughter. There are barking dogs and a meowing geriatric cat. I pack a lunch for Eric and I always put a cool quote or joke into his lunch box (for example: What is brown and sticky? A stick). There is laundry and sweeping (heaven help me the sweeping with two shedding dogs is never ending). There is trash to take out and poop to scoop and diapers to change. Yet, in spite of all this, there is quiet amid the chaos.




betty sprinkles



Sleeping bumblebee


Michelle said...

Oh, those sweet, chaotic days of young motherhood!

Anonymous said...

You got the robaxacet wooden guy! How cool is that?
Yes, amid all the pictures shown here, that is what stood out to me.... HA

Emily said...

Enjoy the quiet! Ps-- it took me looking at the pictures twice to notice the blocks spelled "hi". My brain is slow today.

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