Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Betty Sprinkles and the Avocado


Just look at that sweet mug! Atomic Betty Sprinkles (aka Betty Sprinkles, Betty, Atomic Betty, Sprink) has become another one of the crew. She knows how we do things here and all is going well. Now that she is comfortable we are learning her ways.

She likes to sleep in until about 8am.
She kind of likes it when Elise sits on her.
She really wishes she were a lap dog.
She is silky soft and sheds a ton.
Her running face is hilarious (think this).
She is very much a people dog.
One of her favorite past times is running with the girls while joyfully barking.
She has rolls on her wrists (dogs have wrists right?) and she doesn't even care.
She has been known to eat a strawberry or two.


a week or so ago I was letting Elise roll an avocado around on the kitchen floor. When she tired of it Betty was right there to grab the avocado. My interest was piqued. What could a dog want with an avocado?

She proceeded to use her front teeth to peel off the shell and then eat the avocado flesh. About halfway through she took the whole thing to her dog bed so she could take a more leisurely approach.

From there she   managed to remove the seed and lick it clean before discarding it. It was weird. It was mesmerizing. That's all.


Emily said...

That is one talented dog!

Sarah Purdy said...

Who knew!? Mind blown! I sure do love that dog. What a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I think Atomic Betty and I would get in a tiff over the avocado, I love them too!
And you didn't worry she eat the pit and choke? I guess Betty knows better!

Maria Rose said...

When I remembered the pit I ran over to collect it only to discover that she had removed it and licked it clean. I will not be giving her avocado again!

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