Friday, August 23, 2013

One Year Ago Today

One of the best things about my blog, for me at least, is that it gives me a look back on our lives. This morning I was perusing my photo files from this day in 2012. The paternal side of my family was here, visiting for Elise's baptism. They were here to meet the newest member of our family. They had come to see how big Cordelia had become. They were visiting to see each other. I miss them!

August 23.2012

August 23.2012

August 23.2012

 So much has changed in a year with the girls, but my family remains the same. I am so thankful to be a member of such an amazing and supportive family, not just on my paternal side, but my mother's side as well. I am so pleased that my girls are growing up in such a supportive and involved family.


Marie Roxanne said...

You are right to say it is nice to have a supportive and involved family.
I only have my mom, my son, and two of my aunts near me, everybody else (my mom had 13 brothers and sisters so a very large family) has their own "life" even though they live close by they don't keep in touch physically but thanks to facebook I can.
But it's not the same as seeing and talking to a family member face to face.

Emily said...

I remember Elise's awesome baby hair! She looks so tiny. What a blessing to have such supportive family on both sides. You and your girls are blessed!

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