Monday, September 9, 2013

Annual Dinner

Eric and I attended an annual dinner and and ball at the art museum where he works. The event was a black tie affair, but we are in Wyoming and that can mean just about anything. We were really unsure about how to dress for the ball. Evening gown and tuxedo seemed obvious, but we were certain that there would be folks at the event wearing jeans. I know what you are thinking; super important issues we face, right?! In the end we decided to dress for a cocktail party and that seemed to be the best choice.

When we arrived there were people dressed as though they were going to a ball, which they were, and others dressed like they were attending a graduation, and yes, there were jeans. I love that about Wyoming.

The event was wonderful! We got to spend the evening among art and friends. There was an art auction, to which we both contributed, our works sold and raised funds for the art museum.

I got to see my handsome husband doing his thing. All around it was just about a perfect evening. The best part being when I got to go home, put on cotton pajamas and chat with Eric!

Eric and I

My friend Kate and I


Sarah Purdy said...


Sarah Spitz said...

you both look amazing...
It seams like you had a wonderful night!

Love from Germany

Marie Roxanne said...

It's always safe to dress up at special dinners. Both of you look chic.

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