Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bag A Day Challenge Finale

 bag a day challenge
Here I am, with the girls, doing my best Princess Pose in front of some of my loot

Did you join me on the bag a day challenge for the past two weeks? I did it! I made it to the end. That was my Everest (not really people, give me some credit), it was quite a challenge. I started with three passes through the clothing. Then I went through all of the closets, cupboards, etc. I still haven't even hit the garage and some spots in the kitchen. So much of it was from transitional phases; clothes for after pregnancy that are now too big, baby toys, bottles, stuff that has just gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Here are the final details:
8 bags to donate, plus a few large toys given to the church nursery
1 bag, plus large toys (not pictured) to sell to Once Upon a Child
1 couch
1 computer desk
1 vacuum replaced
2 unused kitchen appliances gone
2 bags of garbage, stuff that I had intended to fix when I mastered a certain skill
3 (million) bags of recycling, that stuff is sneaky
4 boxes of gifts, hand-me-downs, etc, mailed

bag a day challenge

Did you clear out the clutter.
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