Monday, September 30, 2013

Cordelia Turns Four

Yesterday we celebrated four years with Cordelia. What a crazy thing to realize, how has time gone by so quickly? I swear the doctor just handed a small baby to me. I just gazed into those eyes for the first time, yet here we are. She is four, and what a four year old she is.

Let me tell you a bit about Cordelia before I dive into her birthday particulars. The first thing you need to know about Cordelia is that she is kind. She genuinely wants to do the right thing, even if she isn't always successful. She feels things deeply and I am sure this will be a blessing and a burden throughout her life. She is so funny, her sense of humor is pretty advanced.  She is extremely intelligent and inquisitive. She just wants to know it all. Cordelia has a certain self-awareness that few adults possess. She will often reflect on misbehaviors and tell me why she did the wrong thing (tired, hungry, just feeling off).She loves this world, often she will say things like, "How is the world so wonderful?" She is beautiful. She is fun loving.She is creative. She amazes me each and every day of her life.

So, we obviously had to celebrate this girl who has been planning her fourth birthday since September 30th of last year. We started out the day opening gifts from family and friends in our pajamas. She requested cereal for breakfast, score for me.

Then we were off to church where the congregation sang happy birthday to her delight. We grabbed lunch and then she played with some of her gifts while Eric and I did last minute birthday prep. Occasionally she would pop in and ask what she could do to help.

Cordelia's fourth birthday
 Cordelia's fourth birthday
The decorations.

 Cordelia's fourth birthday
Some of the spread

Around three o'clock her guests began to arrive. She invited friends from school, her grandparents and Sam,her teachers, and of course Sadie and the Wolfpack. There was cupcake decorating, pin the cutie mark on the My Little Pony (it's a 4 year old thing), there was also a very sad pony pinata. It didn't feel very vegan to beat a horse with a stick, but the kids had fun.

Cordelia's fourth birthday
Blowing out her number 4 candle.

Cordelia's fourth birthday
The birthday girl opening presents

Cordelia's fourth birthday
Eric spinning Cordelia for a party game.

Cordelia's fourth birthday
Elise took her job of trash collector very seriously. She would grab each bit of trash and run it to the garbage, chanting, "trash"

The kids ran around like lunatics. We had play areas in her room, outside and the basement. All in all it was quite a success as far as four year old birthdays go. Cordelia had a blast and requested the exact same birthday next year.

Sadie (bff), Cordelia and I

Cordelia's fourth birthday
Things were a little crazy

Cordelia's fourth birthday
The pinata

Cordelia's fourth birthday
Cordelia taking a whack at it
Cordelia's fourth birthday
Her haul

Cordelia's fourth birthday
The sad pinata

Cordelia's fourth birthday

When her guests left it was time to roller-skate, a gift from her grandparents.

More skating here.

When the day was all wrapping up she said, "Thank you Mom, for making my day so special." I am so proud of my kind and tender hearted girl.

She has already started inviting people to her fifth birthday....


Emily said...

Her kind and tender heart is a reflection of your own. You are blessed! And I'm sure Pinkie Pie would have approved of your party. :)

Michelle said...

Ah, those days are so sweet. You are blessed to have each other.

Mom said...

I love that little girl so, so much!

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