Friday, September 13, 2013

New Mexico Trip: Day 1

Last Saturday morning we hit the road before the sun was up. The idea was to drive for ten hours until we stopped in NM, just in time to catch the gallery opening for Michael Copeland. You see Eric is putting together an exhibit on this fantastic artist, but I also happen to know Michael and Victoria Copeland quite well. So, you see, we simply had to make it.

Let me stress that this first day of travel followed the evening of the Annual Art Ball, whoa! Eric and I were monumentally exhausted and we were pretty much sure that we were going to endure, as a family, ten hours of scream crying from Elise (she has a history of freaking out in the car). Thankfully we were so wrong. Elise did amazingly well. Cordelia was a champ. There were no major meltdowns and even the whiney moments were few and far between. Eric and I kept looking at each other in disbelief. We hadn't planned for that! Since I was running on a few hours of sleep I was mighty thankful.

Distracting the girls with vegan safety suckers

From behind a bug spattered windshield (sorry little bugs)we made it

Here I am on three hours of sleep and about 8 hours into the trip

Eric's in the zone

We arrived in Santa Fe, checked into our hotel, changed clothes and then hopped back into the car. We drove to the absolutely charming town of Madrid. We arrived at the show and were absolutely enchanted by Michael's new work. Eric selected some work for the upcoming show while the girls and I socialized. We were surprised to find several other former students were there, some of these people we hadn't seen in years! What a treat.

M Copeland Opening
I am laser focused in on the work.

M Copeland Opening
Here we are with many other students, what a testament that is, after more than a decade, that so many still are invested in Michael and Victoria!

M Copeland Opening
Eric and our old friend, an extremely talented maker in many senses of the word, Darla.

M Copeland Opening
Here are some works from the show. If you are interested in Copeland's work go here.

After the opening we returned to our hotel and I passed out in a slumber of exhaustion. We all did. The next morning we had more adventuring, while Eric worked. Stay tuned!


Sarah Purdy said...

Whew! What a day! I'm really impressed.

Mom said...

You are sooooo beautiful, inside and out. Just sayin...

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