Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Mexico Trip: Day 2

 NM Copeland Opening

Day two of our little adventure began with some work in Santa Fe. Eric met with a collector and we got to tour his house (thanks Rick and Maggie). The house was amazing with a light filled studio, art by Michael Copeland, porches, plants, and an outdoor shower. The girls and I had a lovely time talking with Victoria and Maggie while Eric, Rick, and Michael worked. Cordelia had us all pretending we were in the ocean, at one point I rode an imaginary whale, side saddle (it was vegan legit as it was imaginary).

Later we headed out to lunch and had a great meal at the Santa Fe Baking Company (I think that was the name). We all enjoyed good conversation. When Elise started to whine we hit the road, after a very quick stop at Trader Joe's. We drove 3 1/2 more hours to Alamogordo. Cordelia felt chatty and wanted stories, Elise napped for half of the trip.

The lady in the mountain, do you see her?

Eric and Cordelia unloading the car

When we arrived in Alamogordo, Eric's hometown and a place I lived for many years, we checked into the hotel and had the opportunity to meet up for dinner with Eric's family (his parents, 2 sisters, 2 brothers-in-law, 2 out of 7 nephews and our only niece)


After dinner we ran by the store (a restaurant with no vegan options had been chosen so we had to pick up some food) and got some groceries. While we were checking out a perfect stranger paid for our groceries! It was an amazing treat at the end of a good, but long, day!

We got back to the hotel and the girls quickly fell asleep. I followed shortly behind.


Marie Roxanne said...

You had an amazing trip! So happy the girls were well behaved! Nice for your guys! And it's so nice to have your groceries paid for!

Sarah and Josh said...

Free groceries! That's awesome! Loved the pic outside of the hotel - Cordy's such a world traveler!

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