Saturday, September 21, 2013

Project: Sugar(less) Sugar Skull

Last year, while we were visiting my grandmother in Arizona, Eric and I became obsessed with finding a Mexican Sugar Skull to take home. * We found a couple, but they were in the $50+ range and that was too costly a whim and we let it go.

Since then Eric has mentioned it on several occasions and I am always on the lookout.

 Yesterday while parusing the Halloween shelves at Walmart I had a great idea. Heaven knows that the world's greatest ideas are often spawned in the aisles of Walmart. Anyway.... I spotted a spooooooky skull. It was painted to look freakadellic. I realized that I am an artist and I could probably turn that spooky bizness into a sugar skull an surprise my hubby. 

So I snatched it up and paid $3.97 for it. I brought it home, covered it in gesso while the girls ate lunch.

Once the gesso had dried I added gold leaf to the teeth and then I spent the rest of the afternoon, in between all of the child rearing, painting that skull! 

Whoop there it is.

I set it at Eric's spot at the dinner table and let him find it when he got home.

He was so thrilled that he cried golden tears of joy. Either that or he posted it on Facebook. Whatever, he was happy!

* traditionally the Mexican sugar skull was made of sugar and used for Dia De Los Muertos, but now they are made of most anything and, in many circles they are kitschy collectibles.


Mom said...

You did a nice job and I'm sure Eric was delighted. Just in case you are wondering, though, it is not necessary to gift me with one. ILY!

Marie Roxanne said...

I am sure that Eric will treasure this more than any of the bought ones! This is why you are each other's best friends.

Pam Brewer said...

True love!

Pam Brewer said...

True love!

elizabeth said...

so very cool of you!
(isn't it fun to surprise your love!)

luminousvegans said...

So cute! It looks like something I could get a boutique for way more money!

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