Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Elise Update


Today seems like a great day for a little update on Elise Ione. Please forgive me in advance for the random and rambling nature of this post.

As I write this she and Cordelia are playing some invented game that involves running around, giggling, and then diving into a play tent. I heard Cordelia whisper to Elise,"You make my heart fill with joy." It's true, she has that ability.

Elise is nearly 15 months old, 9 more days. She walks, runs, climbs, and she is working to master the stairs. She is petite, she didn't get that from my side of the family, and her tiny form elicits many squeals and coos from passing strangers. Last week I had several people tell me that she is like a living doll, think adorable not creepy. Her small form, well within the normal range, and her high level of mobility make people happy. I love to carry around a little girl, often two of them, who just draws smiles out of the most solemn looking faces. What a gift.

Her primary interests include: dogs, babies, balls, books, skeletons,cats, her family, music, dancing, playing, trying to not be a baby.

Elise and I have recently gotten some regular windows of one-on-one time when Cordelia is at school. I am so thankful for this because I always have a little guilt that Cordelia had our undivided attention and, as with all second children, the attention is divided from the start. Truthfully this is probably a good thing, but I so relish solo time with each of my girls.

Have I mentioned that Elise has outright refused baby food? She tried it a few times when it was first introduced, since then she has taken a pretty strong anti-baby food position. Our theory is that she notices it is different than what we are eating and therefore falls into the category of things that keep her from her goal of not being a baby.

Elise is amazing as a hugger. She will give the sweetest little snuggles. She is remarkably affectionate and is definitely going through a strong momma phase right now.

 She also said her first sentence last week,"I love you!"

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Victoria said...

Oh boy! I could use one of those perfect baby snuggles right now! Love you Elise!

Emily said...

What a beautiful, unique, perfect little girl!

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