Monday, October 14, 2013

Simple Happiness

I regularly stop by my father's office with the girls, because I like to interrupt his work the girls love to spend a little extra time with their grandfather throughout the week. There is a whole routine. We pick up Cordelia from preschool. We stop by my father's office on the way home. He usually has some junkfood for them. Elise plays with golf balls. Cordelia climbs the furniture. My dad laughs at their antics and has a little escape from his work, which is often heavy and emotionally exhausting.

Dad and Elise

Dad and Elise

I love this time in life where I get to carry around these little ladies who bring easy smiles to family and strangers alike.

We go to our local health food store and Cordelia has one woman whom she always looks for and hugs. The woman is so proud to tell anyone within a certain radius that Cordelia is the president of her fan club. Elise has now earned the title of vice president in training.

Last night I was in line at the grocery store and the cashier was telling the guy ahead of us in line that he was sick and tired. When it was our turn he spotted Elise and she charmed him with waves and sweet smiles. For just a few minutes he forgot all about being sick and tired.

That kind of thing happens all of the time. I feel so honored to witness the power children have to bring a moment of happiness to others.  A smile from an elderly couple, perhaps remembering their own children at that age. A passing young mother laughs with me as our children make us smile. Cordelia has brought tears of laughter to the eyes of burly working men when they overhear her saying,"That was a monster toot momma." Even a simple hello or a sweet smile is enough to do it.  If my mother has had a long week at work she will often stop by to soak up a little of their sweetness.

I love that.


Michelle said...

Oh, what utterly sweet photos.

Marie Roxanne said...

I am glad your daughters bring smiles to everyone. Children are the smiliest people I think on earth!
I like that "monster toot" comment I laughed outloud! LOL

Mom said...

I am so very grateful for the joy those girls bring to my life!

Sarah Purdy said...

You have some very special ladies in their house! Hope they're feeling better.

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