Thursday, October 17, 2013


I pack Eric's lunchbox every day. I don't do it to irritate the feminist in me. I do it because I like to do things for Eric. I do it because I know that Eric was up working late the night before and giving him an extra ten minutes of sleep is a kindness that I can spare. I also do it because I am the one who cooks and he will just grab what looks good to eat, not realizing that the fridge is stocked with ingredients for planned meals.

So, before the sun is up I've usually prepared breakfast and Eric's lunch. Several months ago I became super bored with the lunchbox routine and decided to spice it up.

I have started including a piece of paper with a cool quote or a joke or whatever made me laugh. Sometimes I will cut out funny ads from the paper, like this camouflage recliner....

Cammo chair

Usually though it is just a piece of paper with a little something I think might inspire him or entertain him.

Then I set it by the front door for him to grab as he heads out for the day.



Victoria said...

Michael left me a note, often with drawings and hilarious doodles every day before he left for work. Every day was brighter for it and I treasure them immensely! Good stuff!

Sarah Purdy said...

Wife of the year!!

Emily said...

You are so sweet. He's a lucky man!

Marie Roxanne said...

That's how I feel. A person who doesn't work outside the home would be compelled to do what they can for the person who does work outside the home.
It is called love and respect.

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