Friday, October 25, 2013

Strep and a Cat

Well, I told you I'd turned a corner yesterday. Then I hit publish on my post and my fever skyrocketed in one milisecond, or whatever. Anyway, I had to face facts. I was five days into a fever over 100F and it was time to bite the bullet and get some help. I went in and a throat swab was done. The nurse was impressed with my medical history ( I got to teach her about Meckel's diverticulum) and the doctor was impressed with tell tale white pustules in my throat.....yep. I have strep.

When I left the doctor Eric, who had been starting to feel ill went right in and got a test. Strep. Since Cordelia is on meds for her recent bouts of sinus infection and bronchitis she was in the clear and we're keeping our fingers crossed for Elise.

Anyway, the meds are starting to kick in. While I still feel like I am running at 60% I am much improved and the best part is that there is no fever!!!!

So, let's take this opportunity to check in with our elusive cat Ophelia.

Cat attack

Cat attack

Cat attack

I hope to be back in blogging form tomorrow!

I will no longer be contagious later today! Weeeeeee!

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