Saturday, October 12, 2013

That Family that Shares Together

My mother and I have been trying to get out of town to visit my Grandmother Grace, Aunt Tina, Great Aunt Michelle, and Cousin Anne Marie for ages. First there was a storm on the day we planned to leave. Then there was another storm on our next planned outing. Finally it was Friday and while it was overcast and windy we felt confident that the trip would be well timed.

I awoke yesterday morning to coughing, Cordelia's coughing to be specific. She had just gotten over bronchitis and has come down with some new strain of virus from the petri dish we call preschool (I blame everything on preschool, but it really could have come from anywhere, kids are filthy little monkeys). I gave Cordelia some medication to fight off a barely there fever and we made the call to proceed as planned.

You see with kids they are a little bit sick 99% of the time. That is a fact of science. Seriously though, if I kept home a kid every time they had a runny nose or had a slight fever I would never ever leave the house.

So we hit the road. Cordelia was in a good mood and Elise was healthy and happy.

When we arrived at my grandmother's house Cordelia was feeling a little warm, just slightly, so I gave her another dose of meds and she perked up. Perhaps she wasn't as precocious as normal, but she was charming and snuggly. Oh was she snuggly....she took her time snuggling with everyone, sharing those germs (sorry ladies).

Family Gillette

Family Gillette

Family Gillette

Family Gillette

Elise put on a show of cuteness. She followed animals around, hugged everyone and took rides in her Great Aunt Tina's wheel chair.
Family Gillette  Elise loved riding in Tina's wheelchair

Sorry I didn't get a photo of my Aunt Michelle, she likes to blink in photos, but rest assured she too was exposed to the plague.

When it was time to go Cordelia hit a wall. Fever spiked, shivering, illness. It was a long night and she is still under the weather, but that is life with little ones.

Family Gillette
Anne Marie reading to the girls and deep breathing Cordelia's germs

Speaking of the spread of germs...

I was telling Eric that pretty much everyone we love was going to be sick and he recounted a story to me from earlier. Cordelia went to the library and went up to each librarian and whispered in their ears. When she got to the last one he overheard her whispering, in her face, about how she was going to build a clubhouse and then whispered that she was sick. more germ sharing on our part.


Anne Marie said...

It was a nice visit, even though it went too quickly. I enjoyed reading to the little girls, but I am sorry I didn't get to visit more with the big girls. As for deep breathing Cordelia's germs...I can take 'em! Give her an extra get well hug from me.

Sarah Purdy said...

Sorry to hear that she's sick! Hope everyone else stays healthy and that this one passes quickly.

AKM said...

I'm sorry to hear that your little monkeys are under the weather, but those photos! They are frame-worthy. That one of the girls with your seems as though all three of them are just wearing bliss all over their faces.

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