Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yesterday and Glowsticks

Yesterday was not a bad day at all. It was, however, a rather long day. I was solo-parenting for most of the day as my hubby had a photo shoot after work. By the end of the day I was exhausted, parenting takes a lot out of a person. I had fed, groomed, bathed, read-to, played with, written thank you cards with a four year old, done my actual work, and I felt like this.

Yesterday and glow sticks

I was looking forward to bedtime for the girls so I could totally zone out on the couch with some vegan chocolate and my soon to return spouse. Then I spotted the glow sticks. We gals gathered in the dark in Cordelia's room and had ourselves a glow stick party.

Yesterday and glow sticks

Yesterday and glow sticks

Suddenly I remembered that, no matter how exhausting it is to be a parent, every  single moment is a gift.

Yesterday and glow sticks

Yesterday and glow sticks


Tonya said...

A glow sticks light show looks like fun! We have that owl too! :) I wish I was as creative as you! :)

Sarah Purdy said...

I know those days well. Glad you were able to find a bright spot!

Mom said...

Yes, each day is a gift for sure. You still have a right to be exhausted. You are a wonderful mother.

affectioknit said...

Sweet fun! we love glowsticks!

~Have a lovely day!

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