Monday, November 4, 2013


Elise has been growing a lot lately. She is talking and is pretty much able to communicate any need even when the words escape her. We are now at a point where we are really getting to know her personality. She is quite a character folks, let me tell you!

Elise can climb and wear earmuffs

Elise can climb and wear earmuffs

  • She is nuts about animals (big surprise). 
  • She knows how to get a laugh. Passes gas, laughs and makes eye contact. She knows.
  • She is crazy about music and a good beat.
  • She has more words than I care to count.Many of them are still that weird partial words that only family members can decipher. For instance, Bumbuh means Bumblebee and ke-kah-keh means skeleton (she became obsessed with a cute Halloween book and now spots skeletons EVERYWHERE).
  • She loves to color with crayons. Just this morning I discovered that she loves to color with crayons on the wall.
  • She is showing some interest in the toilet. Potty training will begin in the next few months for sure!
  • She watches and copies about everything that big sister does. When the girls greet each other in the morning my heart nearly explodes from my chest. The sweetness is unbearable.
  • She is interested in all things that are traditionally considered feminine. She wants necklaces and nail polish and dresses. Seriously. Already. 
  • She is fearless. Where her sister was cautious she presses forward with abandon. I think, hope, this will be a great opportunity for each sister to help the other grow.
  • She is so sweet and affectionate. She hugs and cuddles like a pro.

Also, she has figured out how to climb....

Elise can climb and wear earmuffs

Elise can climb and wear earmuffs

Elise can climb and wear earmuffs

I cannot really put into words how amazing she is. Elise is this great mix of sweet and wild.  Not a day passes me by where I don't kiss that sweet little head, sniff in that baby sweetness and let my sappy heart overflow with gratitude.


Sarah Purdy said...

She is an absolute sweetie. Her cuddles melt me and her dimple stops me in my tracks. I so enjoy watching her grow!

Michelle said...

And she is absolutely, totally cute!

Marie Roxanne said...

Although I am pretty far away, I love watching Elise and Cordelia "grow up" online with your blog.

Sarah Spitz said...

She really looks so adorable and a little wild! Hope she never ever will lose her own wildness and free spirit!

Love to see your pics.
B&B from cold and rainy Germany

So we are remembering sunnier days...

Emily said...

How lovely to see both girls developing both their own unique personalities and also a strong friendship between them.

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