Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Last Night

First off I must apologize for the photos. Something is up with Flickr and Blogger, or maybe my computer, I will try and fix later.

Night time after the time change is always so weird. Gone are the after dinner walks as it is pitch black. No chillaxing in the backyard for us. So, we settle in for the winter. New routines are established, and they are new each year as the girls are in different developmental stages from one year to the next. Sometimes it is games, or dancing, or cleaning, or baking.

Last night we retreated to the studio in the basement. Eric practiced his music. The girls and I enjoyed the performance. The dogs lounged. It wasn't anything special or probably even memorable, but it was good. It was one of those nights that will fill in the fabric of this winter.

What did you do last night?


Sarah Purdy said...

Sometimes those nights are the sweetest of all. Love that rug!

Victoria said...

Drove home from ABQ..alone..siff. However made the most of it by listening to my fav Pandora mix...and talking to mum :)

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