Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Project: Thankful Blocks

Cordelia has been asking me if we can decorate for Thanksgiving. I think this stems from preschool and all of the leaf hands and turkey hands they've been making. I had been thinking that I had a little break between Halloween and Christmas, but nope the girl wants Thanksgiving decorations and I am happy to oblige. Yesterday we decided to make a little craft for our thanksgiving decorations and it was something, if you aren't a perfectionist, that can be done with little ones.

Here is what we did.

First we gathered our supplies. I like to live on the edge, but you may want to grab a smock of some sort.

Our supplies included: wooden blocks (8 blocks), appropriately sized letters to spell our word, 5 tubes of paint (I chose colors that matched our color scheme), paintbrushes, newspaper, a palette of some sort (I just used tin foil), an adhesive.

I painted the blocks gold while Cordelia painted the letters. I had four different paint colors and she painted two letters with each color.

Meanwhile Elise just colored with markers. I have let her paint before, but this just wasn't the day for that.

When the letters had dried we dipped a pencil eraser into the paint and used it to stamp our letters with polka-dots. Finally I adhered the letters to the blocks and we were done.



Emily said...

Genius. You are so good. And it looks great too!

Sarah Spitz said...

It is so sad that we don't celebrate thanks giving around here... What a lovely idea to make thankful laters... I might do it as well... even without a celebration ;-)

Love from Germany
and for awesome Queen Bees, maybe a bee sting cake?


affectioknit said...


~Have a lovely day!

Michelle said...

What a great project!

Mom said...

That turned out very well.

Pam Brewer said...


Pam Brewer said...


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