Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Review 2013: Part II

Christmas morning started out a little later than normal, 7:30 (!!!), as the girls slept a little longer after the late night before. When everyone was up there was a little family time just snuggling and talking and then it was down to the living room to open presents.

Christmas 2013
Eric handed out the gifts

Christmas 2013
Opening the stockings

Christmas 2013
My brother Ben sent Eric this t shirt that has a dragon and a wolf howling at the moon.

Christmas 2013
Eric opening his telescope

Eric and I enjoyed watching the girls, each with their own interests (Cordelia: anything My Little Pony; Elise: Babies, Skeletons), as they opened the gifts we had chosen and made for each of them. Every single time Elise opened clothes she would say, "on" in a very matter of fact way. We had to assure her that she would wear it later.

Christmas 2013
Opening Princess Celestia

When Cordelia opened the hard to find (Eric spent many hours on the hunt) Princess Celestia in white she opened the box and exclaimed, "PRINCESS CELESTIA? ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?" Score one for a patient father.

When we were all done and somewhat organized we dressed and headed over to my parent's house to do more gift opening and to enjoy some delicious breakfast. Gifts were opened.

Christmas 2013
Sam styled his hair just for the occasion

Christmas 2013
My mother and Elise

Christmas 2013
My father with his mandolin

One of the most exciting gifts was from one of my oldest friends, Robin, who sent Cordelia several of her old My Little Pony dolls. Cordelia is constantly inquiring about the "original" MLP dolls from when I was a little girl, needless to say this girl was beyond thrilled.

Christmas 2013
Cordelia with the original MLPs

Christmas 2013
Just acting natural

Reading a new (MLP) book to Cordelia, more on the quilt tomorrow

Christmas 2013
Elise with my dad

Christmas 2013

After presents were opened and breakfast was eaten we all just hung out for the rest of the morning. Eventually Eric, Elise and I returned home to prepare some food for dinner. Cordelia stayed with her grandparents to enjoy a little special time.

When we returned in the afternoon it was time to eat our vegan feast. There was no shortage of delicious food.

Christmas 2013

When dinner was eaten we all sat around talking, playing, enjoying family time.

Christmas 2013
My girls mob their Uncle Sam

Christmas 2013
Eric and Betty have a moment.

When the sun had set and the girls started to get whiney we decided it was time to head home. We drove home the long way, looking at Christmas lights as we returned. A few more minutes of playing and family time and then the girls were down for the night. A great day indeed!


Holly said... daughter loves the MLP too though right now she has no idea that new ones exist. :) I gave her my old ones and she plays with those along with the old Woodsey squirrel house I had.
And definitely score one point for patient dad! I bet Cordelia will remember that when she's older.

Marie Roxanne said...

I had to google "princess celestia" ha ha I am not a MLP expert, but I am getting there...
Your feast looked wonderful although the only thing I could have eaten was the mashed potatoes. I just had mouth surgery and not able to chew just yet.

affectioknit said...

What a fun day! I smiled when I saw the tray of lefse...I've not seen that since I left North Dakota...

~Have a lovely day!

Mom said...

It was a very nice day. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Marie Roxanne said...

I had to google what lefse was ... Thanks affectionknit!
Of course I saw them on the tray but thought they were "crepes" thin pancakes...

Maria Rose said...

My mother makes vegan lefse! A nod to my father's Norwegian heritage and my veganism.

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