Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Twirling Mary

Sunday was the annual Sunday School play at our church. Cordelia was very excited to be playing the role of Mary, it was not a speaking part, but Cordelia assumed that she was the star.  We arrived a little early to get her into a much too big costume. The oversize nature of the costume was just a way to up the adorable factor.

Play 2013

Cordelia was required to sing songs with the other kids, which is did to some degree, much of her time was spent twirling and flapping too long sleeves around.

Play 2013

Play 2013

She also had to sit by the manger with her friend Henry who played Joseph and his sister Madeline, a star.

Play 2013

Play 2013

Cordelia did a wonderful job, my heart nearly burst each time she looked out at us and waved happily. Sure, she broke character, but I think that's most of the charm as I heard "Awwww" a lot from the congregation. She was very focused on doing her job, if only we could get that focus at the breakfast table!


Sarah Purdy said...

Completely adorable! Glad it went well.

Mom said...

Eric got some wonderful photos!

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