Monday, December 30, 2013

Year in Review, 2013:January-June

Well, we are wrapping up another year. 2013 was a pretty good year. We had fun, growth, loss, joy, laughter. Today I am looking back on the first half of 2013.

January 2013

We had a mostly mellow month at home, but we did get to take a quick trip to Arizona to visit my Grandmother Carol and meet up with my brother Ben and sister-in-law Sara.


grandma carol
mom and elise

February 2013 

 February was a great month at home. Of course there was a lot of snow and a great deal of indoor time, but we made it sweet and good.

Sam and Cordelia 


snow day


 snow day

scarf pile

snow day

March 2013

Eric started his new job as curator in March. He was also on the news. We celebrated Cordelia's half birthday and Elise's 8th month.

c and m

Elise Easter

photo by leah millis
Photo by Leah Millis 





April 2013

April it finally started to feel a bit more like spring in spite of some late winter storms. We started to venture outside more frequently. Eric's parents came to visit and we, of course, spent time with the besties. Elise started to crawl. We also said a very heartbreaking goodbye to our Siamese Mia who passed away in April.

Elise and Ari

 Wim visit 2013



May 2013

Cordelia finished her first year of preschool. Eric had a birthday. The weather started to warm up after an insanely long winter.

Last day




Eric's 33rd bday

 June 2013

In June we adopted our second basset Atomic Betty Sprinkles. The girls and I were in a fashion show. Eric and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. It was a good month.


Elise and I

Bum and Bett

Sad and Elise


indep rock


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Mom said...

Wow! You have so many wonderful photos. I sat here scrolling through, smiling bigger and bigger.

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