Friday, January 10, 2014

18 Months with Elise

Well, I am not sure how it happened, but here we are at 18 months with Elise! We are off early for her check up today, but I thought I'd give you a few stats on our growing girl.

•She is combining words and occasionally making sentences. She says things like,"more cookie" and "love mamma." She will repeat most anything we say, it is like living with an adorable parrot.
• She is fully mobile, running, jumping, spinning, dancing, climbing.
•She is so independent. She notices when she has been given a baby cup or fork and she is not pleased by it, not one bit. She wants to do things by herself and figure things out on her own.
• She has started in on imaginative play! She loves to wrap up baby dolls and coo,"bay-beeee." She plays with Cordelia's toys and seems to invent scenarios! She mixes up imaginary food for the dogs and serves them to stuffed animals or to the dogs, who are so disappointed to be served imaginary food.
• While she is super independent she often will bring up her baby blanket and say,"Elise, baby." We know this means she wants to be swaddled and cuddled. She takes it very seriously.
• She is very petite. I am often told that see looks like a living doll. Sounds creepy, but it is pretty adorable.
• She is a little wild. Best way to describe her.
• She has surprised us by learning colors, she knows most of them. We describe colors to her, but we didn't really think she was taking it in and absorbing the info. Then one day she gathered all of the pink crayons into a pile and said," piiiiink!" It has expanded exponentially from there.
• We have started potty training. She was insisting on sitting on the toilet, so we got a little toilet seat for her. She is just starting out, but seems to be getting the idea!
• She has a strong sense of fashion and knows what she wants to wear each day. She will request shirts or dresses or tights. She will often even request a specific color. She loves to accessorize with purses, bracelets, necklaces. For the record we did not cultivate this behavior and if we had tried it wouldn't have mattered, this girl has a mind of her own!

Each day with this little lady is a gift. She is fun loving, creative and very spirited. What a treasure!

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Anonymous said...

It has been a delightful 18 months! It sure doesn't seem that long ago, though.

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