Wednesday, January 29, 2014



Morning is pretty chaotic in our home. We all have places to be and things to do, but before that there is much to be done. Food needs to be made and eaten. Clothes need to be put on. Plans to discuss. It's pretty much chaos for the first hour of the day.






What's your morning like?


Marie Roxanne said...

Because I am single, I only have me to take care of. So no chaos. Just get up and go. I work nights so I get up around midnight do my jobs and get back home around 6-7 am and then take a shower and eat supper, (because breakfast was at midnight-ish...) yes, I am backwards... LOL

Sarah Purdy said...

Mornings are very chaotic around my house. And I guarantee, there are no delicious blueberry muffins baking! :)

Mom said...

I remember those days but now, the getting ready for the day time is kind of my quiet time, my alone time. Weird.

Emily said...

There is this crazy balance between stillness and peace and craziness and a hectic frenzy. It's like walking a tight rope in the morning around here, but if you stop to take a deep breath, there is beauty in it.

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