Monday, January 27, 2014

Mother Daughter Date

Yesterday morning started out sunny with a blue sky, but by mid morning the clouds had rolled in and the snow had started to fall. It seemed like the perfect time to take Cordelia on a much anticipated mother-daughter date. We loaded up in the truck, 4wd on, and made our way to the theater to see Frozen.

Eric stayed home to enjoy his father-daughter time with Elise. I am not sure what they were up to, but he did text me this photo...


We held hands. She talked a lot. We searched the movie theater for screen number 8. I let her lead the way as she looked at each number. Passers by stopped to stare and whisper about how darling she was as she slowly led us to number 8. We were the first in the theater so we took time to sing along with The Lion Sleeps Tonight as the song played over the radio. She took the weem uh whey (?) parts and and I sang the high parts (because that's how I roll).




She tried her own seat for a few minutes, but for most of the movie she sat in my lap as the theater seats are too big and threaten to fold up on her tiny little body. She snuggled in that way that only children know how to do, completely. I held her close and breathed in her smell, kissing the top of her head frequently.


Cordelia insisted she has already seen the movie at pre-school, which was not possible as it is only in theaters now. When she eventually realized that we were not watching the movie she thought she exclaimed,"Oh I thought you meant Frosting the Snow Man."

On a side note: Anybody else think that Kristoff from Frozen looks like a blonde Roger Federer?

She enjoyed the movie, terrified a few times by a snow monster, and really got that the movie was about two sisters. When the movie was done we walked back to the truck. She buckled in while I brushed off a fresh layer of snow. On the drive home we talked about how great the movie was because it wasn't about falling in love and having the boy save the day, but about how two strong sisters helped themselves. She totally got it and said, "Because girls are strong mom." Yes, we are kid!


Sarah Purdy said...

Yay for mother-daughter movie dates! We really enjoyed Frozen, too.

Emily said...

Oh yes, we have downloaded the Frozen soundtrack and are hearing all those songs on repeat! My kids especially like the Snowman song "In Summer." Looks like a special day with your big girl!

sara said...

What a fun date. We loved Frozen too.

Victoria said...

This sweet post reminds me of all the lovely times I had with my boy at this age. We went everywhere, movies, concerts, theater. I wanted him to have every experience possible...and what fun we had!

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY thought Kristoff looked like Roger Federer (I think it's the nose)... glad to hear someone else thought the same as me, haha :) He was a very handsome character in the movie!

Maria Rose said...

Thank you! I feel validated!!!

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