Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Small Town

Living in the least populated state seems as though it could be lonely doesn't it? I know that my friends and family who visit from out of state (cities) are often surprised by the way we live here. Our neighbors are human and animal. Our days, at least in the winter, are short and cold. There are not a lot of shops and places to visit like in the city. When they visit we talk, we spend time outside, we take them to a few choice locations, but mostly we are forced to interact.

When Eric and I lived in the city I think I probably felt my most isolated. Sure, there was plenty to see and do (if you weren't a poor grad student), but I really missed genuine interactions. I felt like the city was always changing and that I could never know it or anyone in the city. 

I could see the mountains in the distance. I knew there was nature out there, but I could never really reach it or interact with it on a significant level, and I wanted to.

Now I am not living in the country or anything, but I do have a relationship with nature. I know the families of deer that live in our neighborhood, the bluejays that nest in our tree. The robin that, even in winter, hangs out on our back porch. I have a kind of truce with the squirrels that nest in our trees and scamper along the fence each morning.

I know our neighbors. Donna at the grocery store is adored by our daughters. And, oh the friendships we have made in our short time here! I feel known. I feel cared for. I don't feel like an anonymous stranger. I feel like there is something to small town living.

What about you?


Marie Roxanne said...

I want to move to a small town too I would be in my glory if I could.
But I have to care for my mom so in the city I reside until the time comes when that "daughter duty" has expired, then I move.

Allen said...

Small town with a great big heart. Every body is welcome

Mom said...

And sometimes this town seems a bit too big!

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