Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thank You

Holly is one of my blog readers, a patron of my art, and something of a new friend. She and I have been in contact for the past couple of months. She is really great and another example of how amazing blogging has been in my life. Seriously, I have met some wonderful and kind people through this small blog of mine.  Eric and I often reflect on what a great set of individuals I have come into contact with through this 'ol blog. I have made lifelong friends, met some truly inspirational people, and continue to be impressed by the people that I am meeting. I have saved some amazingly kind emails from readers and friends that I can read through on rough days.

I don't mean to get corny here, but I have so much gratitude for this reminder that the world is filled with good people. It is easy to become cynical about people, but I am fighting it tooth and nail against cynicism.  I am so happy to know that there are kind and decent people out there and I thank all of you for reading, emailing and touching our lives. My heart is full.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I randomly received a box stuffed with amazingly thoughtful goodies from Holly!

holly gifts

She made these awesome name banners for the girls and for our family. I will be framing and proudly displaying them! Apple butter that I am just about to dive into. A sweet note and two little foxes that will be perfect in our home as I love little touches of whimsy.

Holly gifts

Thank you Holly and thanks to all of you for reading, writing, gifting, and enriching my life. You have no idea how thankful I truly am.


Sarah Purdy said...

What a wonderful surprise!

Marie Roxanne said...

So great to have you as a blog friend too MariaRose. The stuff Holly sent you are cute especially the foxes. Let us know how the apple butter is!

Carmen said...

Surprises are so great! Lovely little foxes :)

Emily said...

How thoughtful! Very cool stuff too.

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