Monday, January 13, 2014







Friday morning started early. I had made a total rookie mistake the night before and told Cordelia, right before bed, that she would be having a sleep over with her grandmother on Friday night. Why did I do that? She was up late, buzzing with excitement. Early the next morning she crawled into bed with Eric and I, Eric tactfully rolled away, leaving me to answer questions about what she should pack in her suitcase. Clearly it was a suitcase situation and not a Target bag filled with a few necessities.

Friday we made cupcakes in preparation for two birthday parties on Saturday morning (I bring vegan cupcakes so Cordelia won't feel sad about missing out on cake). As the day wore on Cordelia's excitement reached fever pitch. She was ready for her first sleep over (read here to learn more). Eric helped her pack a suitcase, which included games, stuffed animals, reading material, and the usual necessities. Then she was off with her grandmother. She had a wonderful night, but had some difficulty falling to sleep. Don't worry she still woke up at 6am.

Saturday morning I got in some walking and talking time with my bestie. I should be direct here. Sarah and I walk this indoor shopping center like old ladies. It is built on a hill so you can get a little exercise on days when the roads are icy and wind gusts are up to 70mph! My mother met me there and dropped Cordelia off. We then hightailed it home as she had two birthday parties to attend, both of good friends or we would have skipped.

So after two very fun birthday parties we were all toast. Elise and Cordelia passed out on the ride home. So Eric and I grabbed some coffee and drove and chatted while the girls napped. It was nice.

The rest of the weekend was fairly home centered. We had church on Sunday and dinner with my parents, brother Sam, and adopted family member Laura. How was your weekend?


Sarah Purdy said...

Love me some bestie time! :)

Marie Roxanne said...

I had a fun weekend, I received a plate that I ordered in February. (post office error that took so long to sort out but happy it did!) And I got a brooch for my purple sweater.
I didn't do anything great this weekend but it was kind of nice to have warm weather melting the ice off sidewalks and parking lots!

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