Monday, February 17, 2014



  • I am not certain that I know how to pronounce ylang ylang correctly, but it is in my face wash.
  • Along those lines, I once took great pride in knowing how to pronounce quinoa, now most people know how to pronounce it and my ego has deflated.
  • My cold is currently, I think, in the end phase, but as it leaves my body I am sounding terrible. Cordelia asked me what was wrong with my voice today, in horror.
  • Along those lines, I am currently singing along with anything and everything because it sounds just awful and that makes me laugh. I mean I am no chanteuse on a good day, but this sounds like a tortured goose.
  • When Eric is away I use his absence as a free for all in my quest to consume onions and garlic and beans (wink).
  • I am not too crazy about most fruit. Of course I eat it 3-5 times a day, but most of it just leaves me feeling kinda blah. Perhaps this is because I live in Wyoming and we don't exactly get the best fruit in February. Ripe and fresh fruit is a totally different story.
  • Some days I don't brush my hair. I don't really need to as I sleep with my hair in braids. It's not like I walk around with a tangled dreadlock. or do I?
  • I haven't had cable TV since 1999. Yep, I am one of those people. I do have Netflix, I am not a cavewoman.
  • My stereotypical college dorm poster was one of the following: 1) Bob Marley 2) A John WIlliam Waterhouse Print 3) Le Chat Noir 4) Doors What do you think?
  • Answer: Waterhouse print (this one).... What was yours?


Victoria said...

Gauguin's Tahitian Women

Marie Roxanne said...

That is a beautiful poster the Waterhouse one.
My confessions - I like to pronounce Quinoa the wrong way, you should see how people just cringe when I do say it with a "Alice in wonderland" grin on my face...
My voice is doing funky things too (sounds like a teenager when the voice changes)
I don't have a TV or Netflix... does this mean I am a cavewoman?

Sarah Purdy said...

The Scream and The Kiss. #unoriginal

I didn't know you slept in braids! I used to sleep in cornrows so my hair would be extra crimpy. And then I'd brush it out puffy. We're talking 5th grade, here. Not last week. But maybe next week...

Anne Jezek said...

My posters were Roxy themed and Blink 182. Obviously not cultured. ;)

Also, I propose a motion to award anyone who can ACTUALLY pronounce ylang ylang a Noble Prize for...linguistics? Do they have those? If not, they should...just for this occasion. (See above for my lack of culture and knowledge)

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