Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Final Preparations

So there are just a few weeks until my show opens. I have been working on this for months and months. I can honestly say that this is the most focused artistic effort I have ever made. Sure I have had shows, but with each one I try and push myself father and take it up a notch. I think/hope that the works exhibited will show real growth in my artistic style.

Painting with Elise

With the opening coming quickly I have a few things that still need to be accomplished. That means that I am under the gun here. My goal is to be totally ready by the 10th.Thankfully Eric, who has his own show coming next month, has been extremely helpful.

Works in progress

I am one of those people who works well with a deadline. Often in grad school I would write 10 page papers over the course of a really intense day or two, just how I work my best. I am not a leisurely type of person. If I do something then I really do it. Casual progress feels unnatural to me.  So I feel like my final preparations are coming together quite nicely in that hectic, did I brush my teeth today, kind of way.


Sarah Purdy said...

PANDA!!!! I'm going to have to start a layaway program. When this show is all said and done, I think you should publish sets of blank cards. Seriously, that way I can own EVERY SINGLE one. (And still be able to send my kids to college.)

Emily said...

Looks amazing, Friend! You can do it!!!

Mom said...

Please, please, please send me a copy of that photograph of you painting with Elise peeking out. I love it...everything about it! You look so beautifully focused and she looks so comfortable there with you. I love you.

Anne Jezek said...

I'm with Sarah...I want them ALL!!! Looking into selling organs on the black market so I can get them. ;) Maybe we can pull our money together and share them?

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