Saturday, February 1, 2014

Project: Rag Rug

So I have been working on this project forever! It s super easy and the hands on time is pretty minimal, just take about a season of low effort, but it is a great way to use scrap fabric and get a new rug.

rag rug

rag rug

You will need:

Strips of fabric, a lot, about an inch or two thick. I totally eyeballed it, but you can measure it if that is your thing.
a large crochet hook. I used Q-19.

1. Sew your fabric strips end on end, just a quick buzz with your machine, no back stitching necessary. Wind it up, you should have a ball at least the size of a basketball.
2. Crochet a straight stitch, you could get fancier if that is your thang, and make a rug. The total crochet time was about an hour.


rag rug

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