Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weird Together

It has been happening little by little for the past five or six months, but this week we have crossed into new territory. The girls are playing together all the time. Cordelia slows down her pace a bit, as much as a four year old can be expected to, and Elise tries her hardest to fight that baby stereotype that has been plaguing her since birth.

They do a lot of normal things like house and dress up, but my favorite things are the weird stuff they do together. Yesterday they decided to dress up in each other's winter clothes. Well, I am pretty sure the idea was Cordelia's, but Elise is thrilled when she is part of the game.





I love watching these sisters learn how they work together.



Mom said...

Weirdly wonderful!

Sarah Purdy said...

Sooooo cute! And you know handknits make me <<>> I sure do love these girls!

On my way Home... said...

haha! love it! my kids do the same thing! it's the best when Elijah squeezes into Evalyn's small coat and gloves. :)

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