Friday, March 14, 2014

Cookie Morning and Two Princesses on a Pig

Today seemed like a cookie type of morning. I make cookies at least once, or twice, a month. More often than not I go with tried and true chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes I go off book and get totally wild and put things like coconut or nuts in there. I know how to par-tay.


Usually the girls are interested in helping. I now have this process down to a beautiful dance. I let the girls help. Elise likes to mix. Cordelia pours pre-measured bits into the bowl. Then, when it is time to turn on the mixer I have the girls hop in their seats and then give them each a beater to like clean. I use that opportunity to get the first batch in the oven and clean up the mess.



Here is my cookie recipe if you are interested.

Also, on an unrelated note, there is this

elsa and anna on a pig


Sarah Purdy said...

Your cookies are the bomb!

Mom said...

Great photos!

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