Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ice Cream Social Minus the Social

 ice cream social

Cordelia is home from preschool this week as preschool takes a spring break right along with the school system. This means that I've had some more time with both girls and I have been trying to come up with something that makes each day feel a little bit special. Yesterday afternoon I promised a soy ice cream social. Since Elise is working on a little cold we skipped the social part and just had our own little vegan ice cream party.

This means that the girls played dress up. Cordelia chose a dress that made her feel like a snow queen (yes, her obsession with Frozen continues) and Elise chose this orange number that was once mine. Elise then insisted on orange hair ties. She plead her case tearfully calling out, "Oh-een-ge! Hay Ties!" She looked a bit like an adorable baby clown, but she was pleased with the statement she made.

I pulled out the two types of soy ice cream that we had in the  freezer and put a couple of little dishes filled with sprinkles onto the table.I scooped each girl a bit of chocolate and vanilla. Elise freaked out. She's been a little weird about food touching lately and apparently that issue, coupled with illness, was just too much for her yesterday. She had a full fledged meltdown, grabbing the chocolate in her hand and flinging it from her bowl. I may have worsened the situation by laughing to the point of tears. She just looked so charming with her strange clothes and her defiant attitude.

ice cream social

ice cream social
Cordelia was all, huh!?

ice cream social


ice cream social

ice cream social

Eventually Elise got over it and ate her ice cream. She clutched her clean spoon in one hand and used the other to shovel the vanilla into her mouth.

ice cream social

ice cream social

Cordelia went to town on her ice cream and then helped herself to the sprinkles, spooning them directly into her mouth. Obviously I wasn't too concerned as I continued to take photos in lieu of parenting the situation.

ice cream social

ice cream social

The sprinkles didn't make it. They fell all over the floor as dogs and four year old scrambled to eat them from the ground. Elise would have followed suit, but she was strapped into her booster.

ice cream social 

Overall I was very thankful that the social was not so much a social, but both girls had a good and messy time.

So to recap:
1. Dress up
2. Soy ice cream
4. Questionable parenting
5. Messes


Daphne said...

This may be one of my favorite posts of your ever.

Maria Rose said...


Marie Roxanne said...

I think it was a social because we all got to share in it!
And don't tell Elise, but I think she is cute when she "freaks out"! Although maybe not cute to mom and dad...

Mom said...

Ha, that made me smile out loud! Elise has good color choices and I'm shocked that you didn't realize right away that her beautiful orange dress needed matching hair ties.

She still has sick eyes.

Sarah Purdy said...

I love the ice cream social idea! And your questionable parenting!

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