Saturday, March 1, 2014

Vegans in the Cowboy State Capitol "City"

I spent the day in Cheyenne with our girls yesterday while Eric was judging art for a competition, he gets asked to do that from time to time. Seemed like a good time to get out of town and break up the day. So we piled into the truck and headed to the state capitol. The girls were awesome for the drive. I purchased the soundtrack to Frozen as both girls are totally insane about it and sing the Let It Go song, endlessly. I popped that soundtrack in and the girls listened for the entire ride. Over and over and over. Once Eric and I were able to tune it out we enjoyed conversation and a nice ride.

All photos below are from my phone, please excuse poor quality!

When we arrived in Cheyenne I dropped him off for his work and the girls and I went to the mall where I correctly assumed there would be a play area. I let them run off steam for an hour!

Elise figured out how to ride the slide, finally.

Cordelia was a blur of activity. So this was the clearest shot of her. I will say that she spent her entire time trying to show her little sister how to do everything. Even when another child asked Cordelia to play, something she lives for, she said, "No thank you. I need to play with my sister."

Then we grabbed  some lunch before heading to their awesome library (thanks for the tip Sarah) where the girls were in heaven for the next hour!

Elise ate pretend soy bacon in the kitchen area of the library.


Cruisin' in the book mobile.

Cordelia shows us all how to use this giant book return machine. It was nuts.

When it was time to pick Eric up from the museum we arrived a little early and the girls entertained themselves with the hat box.

Elise insisted on only wearing this yellow number. Made me think of Curious George.

Cordelia preferred anything gaudy.

My large noggin cannot be contained by a ten gallon hat.

The girls took a "ride" on a carriage wearing their hats.

We ended the day with Cordelia choking the life out of hugging her father at a restaurant.

A great day for all!


Victoria said...

Oh Fuuuuunnnnn!!!!

sara said...

What an awesome library!

Emily said...

Looks like a great family day!

On my way Home... said...

After seeing this post my son said he wants to come visit you guys some day. :) Looks like a lot of fun to him!

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