Friday, April 4, 2014

A Month with Less: $20 Thrift Store Challenge

Since the family is doing a month of not making any new purchases (with the exception of food, personal items, meds if needed) I thought it would be a great time to show what you can find at a thrift store if you put your mind to it!

I usually go thrifting with some ground rules:
1. Don't buy it unless you are sure you will use it.
2. Set a budget. I rarely spend more than $10 when thrifting, most of the time is spent hunting.
3. Have a long term list of items you are hunting for, perhaps it will take a while to find them, but someday you probably will and the victory is sweet my friends.

I went to the local Goodwill this week and set a limit of $20 for myself and just wanted to see what I could find off of my "thrift store list," the list in my head. I spent about 30 minutes looking around and managed to score quite a haul.

thrifted fondu pot

First I found this orange fondue set, a complete and totally perfect set. I have been browsing Esty for an orange fondue set for about six months, but couldn't bring myself to pay $30 + shipping for a set, so I put it on my thrift list. I was pretty jazzed to find it in an awesome orange color too!

 thrifted lamp
I found this sweet mid-century lamp, it had an absolutely hideous shade on. I will begin hunting for a cool replacement shade now. Not from this thrift adventure, but previous ones, the chair, mid-century speaker (one of two), and records are all thrifted.

I didn't photograph these as they are in the wash (always wash thrifted clothes before wearing), but I got Elise a pair of jeans and Cordelia a red polka-dot skirt.

flower vase
I wanted an earthy vintage vase for outdoor use this spring and I found this handmade beauty there. The artist has signed the bottom so we can research that on a rainy day. Also, I would like to note that the flowers were purchased before we started our experiment...they are two weeks old and still hanging on!

All items were things that I have had on my mind, not impulse purchases, very important in thrifting!

So here is a run down and total.

Vintage Handmade  Vase $2
Fondue Set $5.75
Pants for Elise $1.35 (who makes up the prices?)
Skirt for Cordelia $3
Mid Century Lamp $6
           Grand Total $18.10

What have you thrifted lately?


Sarah Purdy said...


Marie Roxanne said...

I love second hand stores, find many a bargain!

affectioknit said...

Awesome finds!

~Have a lovely day!

Victoria said...

Your fondue set is a screamin' deal!!
I fond three ceramic birds for know what...and paid $16. I need to thrift with YOU! ;)

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