Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Month With Less: Final Thoughts

Our monthlong moratorium on buying (with the exception of food, meds, hygiene products) came to an end on Monday. Leading up to the end I had several people ask me if I was going to go on a spending spree or if I had something that I really needed to buy. I wasn't really excited to be done, but there were a few things I wanted to but and couldn't find second hand. I needed soil for the garden, a new spray nozzle for the garden hose, and I hadn't found a good lampshade at a thrift store for a previously thrifted lamp. So that is what I got on Monday, no big spending spree.

What did we learn? Well, it was hard to actually crunch numbers on purchases we didn't make, but we estimate that we were able to save at least a couple of hundred dollars. We posed hard questions like,"is this a need?" And "is there another way to get what we need or want?" More often than not we didn't need that thing that we would have, at another time, just grabbed.  

The thing is, we saved enough money that we have decided to step up our payment plans on our student loans. If we continue to be more mindful with our spending we can pay off our student debts more quickly and that is a very exciting prospect. So, yes, this was a life changing experiment. We have, as a result, more closely scrutinized out budget as a whole. We are changing our way of spending and hopefully making more wiggle room to grow. 


Emily said...

Way to go! You'll be done paying those student loans in no time! :)

Marie Roxanne said...

I like your "end result" that you know you could do with less and $200 is a lot! I hope your student loans go down real quick.
I love that lampshade on that lamp, it fits well!

Victoria said...

You inspire me.

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