Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Month With Less

So we have less than a week left in our month with less. If you are just joining me then let me catch you up. My family has spent the last three weeks and two days without buying anything new! Obviously we aren't homesteaders so we have purchased food, medicine, hygiene products (toilet paper!). I also have a confession of sorts, I accidentally purchased glasses. I piked out my new glasses without realizing that they were over the cost of my insurance covered glasses, so we did pay the difference.

Since I am going to live with these glasses for a loooooong time I didn't feel very guilty about it. 

Cordelia is happy to support my decision.

Anyway, when the last week has ended I will share with you just how transformative this experience has been, and it has been pretty amazing!


Anne Jezek said...

Love them! Love you! Looking great! Glasses are pretty cool. :)

Mom said...

They look great!

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