Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Here in this house


The day seemed quite ordinary and it passed right under my radar without a second thought. I had meant to post about it on our third anniversary, but I forgot. So here we are three years and a few days under our own roof, our first home. Three years doesn't seem like a lot, but a whole bunch of living has happened here in this house.
Over the last 3 years we have:

Welcomed Elise into our family. Bringing home a baby to your own home is so much nicer than bringing a baby to a junky rental.
We have painted very single room and every cabinet.
We have met neighbors.
Cordelia has had her 2nd, 3rd, 4th birthdays here. 
Elise celebrated her first birthday.
We have taken a zillion walks around the neighborhood.
Eric has changed jobs. 
I have worked as an artist and teacher.
We have gardened.
We said goodbye to our beloved cat Mia a year ago, burying her in the garden where we can go to reflect on that sweet weird cat.
Two daughters have weaned and potty trained--well, Elise is potty training.
We have grown exponentially as artists and have a lot to show for it.
Cordelia has become a big sister.
Elise learned to walk, talk, crawl.
We adopted Betty Sprinkles.
We have arranged and rearranged every room in this house.
We have been messy.
We have been clean.
We have answered the door to trick or treaters.
We have had visitors from all over.
We have hosted dinners.
We have cried.
We have laughed until we cried.
We have let our freak flags fly.
I have baked exactly 30 billion cookies (I keep a running tally).
We have celebrated holidays.
We have made so many memories. 
We have made this house our home.


Sarah Purdy said...

Happy Houserversary!

Allen said...

We are all happy you chose Casper, even though you did because of Mom and Squirt Bottle. Love Ya all.

Marie Roxanne said...

I like the house! The yellow siding is a nice change from white.

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